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Clean water is a basic necessity for life, but it is not a reality for much of our global population. In response, many social impact organizations work tirelessly to eliminate this threat, save lives, and transform societies for the better. In honor of World Water Day, we’ve highlighted 12 Classy clients that currently address the global water crisis. While they work toward the common goal of providing clean water, each focus on a specific angle of the overarching issue.
Through collaboration, they leverage the knowledge and expertise of their local partners to select the appropriate water solution for each region, which can include different types of wells, rain-water harvesting systems, and spring protection systems.To see the effort through for years to come, a local water committee is appointed to supervise each water project and its construction, as well as maintain the project throughout the years. Local partners also allow Generosity.org to build relationships with each community and provide sanitation and hygiene training.
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We bring meaningful, tangible, and sustainable results to reconciliation in Nigeria through a child-centred approach.
  • Raised: $5,000
  • Goal: $6,000
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